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The Subretion project is the quintessence of all existing developments. First of all, Subretion is an opportunity to help yourself, your family, children and loved ones. Studying your own inner world, reflashing your software and exploring subjective reality, it becomes possible to have access to new information, to new life and new reality.

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The project “PUP.BY” was created many years ago in search of reserve abilities of the human psyche. Today we take the next step - we say, show and tell where, how and when the psychic potential of a person is revealed, what can be used, and what makes sense to be avoided, where is reality, and where is fiction, where the opinions of authorities and the public are replaced by actual deep knowledge, depriving a person additional opportunities for self-healing and implementation. We suggest thinking and studying, and what and how to use, let everyone decide for himself. Today, leading experts from both science and extrasensory conduct educational programs as part of our project. Are you afraid to step beyond the horizon of your ideas about the world of supersensory perception? You can do it safely with our project!

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