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PUP.BY 3 марта 2020 г.

Infodiving as a way out of autism (LIVE)


Scheduled for March, 14 2020, 19:00

What is infodiving? This is the way. The way that everyone chooses for himself. For some one, infodiving is the road to getting rid of autism and to a new life with a healthy, conscious child. For another one, it is a course toward knowing oneself, removing fears, recognizing one’s advantages and living in balance, love and joy. For the third — the opportunity to remove the consciousness of the disease, to be healthy and to help others heal. Everyone chooses his own path, only steps are important, their quality and quantity. In any case, everyone will have to do these steps on their own, we can tell you the direction of movement or remove the interfering structures. Whether you stay on the spot or get to the end is your personal decision, which we are not entitled to change.

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