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28 — 30 april "Infodiving. Healthy life"

(19:00 - 22:00)

The program is conducted by Natalia Zaitseva, Andrey Okhrimuk and Irina Ostapuk

This program will be conducted in two languages - Russian and English.

Программу ведут Наталья Зайцева, Андрей Охримук и Ирина Остапук

Данная программа будет проводиться на двух языках - русском и английском

В программе курса:

1. Техники по работе с кровью, лимфой, ликвором

2. Работа с внутненними органами и системами

3. Работа с вилочковой железой, техника струн

4. Копирования и замены, умение различать сознание болезни

5. Мистическая часть (гипофиз)

6. Работа с органами восприятия

In the course program:

1. Techniques for working with blood, lymph, cerebrospinal fluid

2. Work with internal organs and systems

3. Thymus work, string technique

4. Copying and replacing, the ability to distinguish between the consciousness of the disease

5. The mystical part (pituitary gland)

6. Work with the organs of perception


Workshop lead:

Natalya Zaitseva

Head of the project "PUP.BY-Human Center".

Certified trainer of many psychotechnics, leads the Integrated Psychotechnics Club, a project Experiments.
YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/nzayceva


Ohrimuk Andrey

30 years. Since childhood, fond of various mystical phenomena. I always knew that our world is not as simple as our parents said. It is much larger and more interesting. At 17 years old, 15 sessions of holotropic breathing took place. This was the most unreal mystical experience for me. Then I realized the whole depth of our psyche, and realized that our consciousness can exist in a completely different perception. But then I did not know how to use it. Since 2015, he went into the study of esotericism. I read a lot of literature. He graduated from the university, majoring in psychology. But there was no answer. Nothing worked. In 2018, accidentally learned about the project of Natalia Zaitseva. Once in the experiment, my life has changed. I immediately found the answers to many questions. These answers began to raise new questions. And thanks to the techniques that Natalya taught me, everything started to work out for me. I learned to perceive the world without concepts and templates, and take only the information that I need at a certain moment.


Irina Ostapuk

Born and lives in Minsk.
She graduated from the Belarusian State Polytechnic Academy.
In 2018, she completed a regression hypnosis training course at the Moscow Institute of Hypnosis and NLP. In the same year she came to the project of Natalia Zaitseva. She took courses in "perception management", "epigenetics", "internal debugging".
From childhood, I perceived the world not as we are taught to see it. Inside, there was a protest to limit life expectancy, there was an understanding that this was an attitude. That we “draw” many diseases ourselves, we cherish and cherish, and just as we draw, we can erase them. After completing the courses, this understanding developed into a conviction - WE, AND ONLY WE ARE CREATORS OF OUR REALITY!

YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/nzayceva




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